Sunday, May 29, 2022
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West Indies bowling legend Curtly Ambrose said that lack of interest shown by Cricket West Indies (CWI) prompted him to apply for the post of bowling coach at the England Cricket Board (ECB).

Previously, Ambrose had a coaching stint with West Indies when they won the 2016 T20 World Cup, but since then received a cold shoulder from CWI.

‘’Since I retired from international cricket like 20 years ago I have always made it known to Cricket West Indies as it is known now and even the local board here in Antigua I have let it known, that I have learnt a lot during my playing days. And I want to very much give back to cricket. Whether it is here in Antigua or internationally I want to give back to cricket,’’ said Ambrose.

‘’That is one of the reasons I have done all these coaching courses as well and I don’t even know whether you know I am a level three coach as well. Because nowadays when you are looking for a coaching job it’s not because I don’t know cricket or don’t understand cricket but the way the world is now everyone wants to see certain document that you have done some sort of coaching and that is the main reason I did the courses. I didn’t do the course because I don’t understand cricket but that’s how the world runs the program,’’ he said.

‘’I had done [coaching] in the CPL and I had done two years in CCC and two years for West Indies so I have some coaching experience. I made it known that I am very passionate still about West Indies cricket and nothing [has] happened since the axe in 2016 since we won the T20 World Cup,’’ he said.

‘’I haven’t done much till then and it was in England and it was my agent called and told me to think about it and I felt I should do the application. I did it because cricket was all that I know and coaching is something that I enjoy so I thought why not I make an application to ECB and if I am successful the world will see that I am still interested in coaching,’’ he concluded.

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