Saturday, December 4, 2021


Senator Rochard Ballah, the only dreadlocked individual in this country’s House of Parliament, is encouraging the nation to “move with the times.” 

His advice came during his contribution to the 2021 Budget debate. 

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Ballah, otherwise known as ‘Pit Bull’, pointed to the image his hairstyle projected and warned listeners that his was not a symbol of delinquency, bad management, weed smoking, nor weed addiction. 

Ballah used the occasion to encourage the nation to “move with the times.” For him, this is the moment to “embrace the evolution,” and urged that persons ought not to be judged by appearance “but by the animation of your values, and the mobilisation of skills and integrity.” 

Ballah, attached to the Ministry of Information, announced an amalgamation of various government entities:  the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Radio, Agency for Public Information (API), VC 3, and the Government Printery. 

There will be no need for additional funding for the new body. Subventions allocated to the Radio Station, plus the money it makes from its programming, will buttress the new merger. 

The VC3 outlet is financed by the National Lotteries Authority but, according to Ballah, the entity will need some $400,000 to buy video and computer equipment, as well as refurbishing the studio. 

No new staff will be required as the bodies have enough persons to ensure a smooth transition. 

What is necessary, however, is a Chief Executive Officer. 

According to Ballah, NBC and API will retain their prevailing heads. 

A common editorial board will be created to ensure efficiency. 

Ballah who boasts of a long career in communication pointed to the importance of social media today. 

Appointed Senator after the November 5, 2020 general elections, Ballah highlighted the need for a “proper social media product,” in the government services. 

With the emphasis on social distancing brought on by protocols introduced as a consequence of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ballah underscored the importance of the social media in public awareness and outreach initiatives.

As far as he is concerned, it will be prudent for the new entity to “embrace the platform more aggressively.” 

Ballah pointed to the need for $400,000 to buy video and computer equipment as well as refurbishing the VC 3 studio.  

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