Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Physical works at the newly commissioned Athletics Track and Football Facility at Diamond will recommence in what is described as the second phase of the project.

The work will proceed after what Overseer at the facility, Dyke Cato, said were some challenges posed by animals encroaching on to the track.

He detailed the impact of this encroachment saying, “It’s important to highlight some of the issues where cattle would defecate and create holes in the synthetic track which we have to continually repair.”

This problem with the cattle ensued even after there were radio bulletins and signs erected, aimed at encouraging livestock farmers in the area to secure their animals, Cato said.

The problem subsided only after the police were called in, and a number of heads of cattle were shot.

Cato regrets that this action had to be taken, but it was necessary since, according to all reports, owners of the cattle had not heeded the call to tether their animals.

Nonetheless, Cato is confident that the second phase of the project will proceed without delay and without a repeat of the problems.

In terms of physical works to be undertaken, these include:  covering the existing bleachers and ensuring access for physically challenged patrons; construction of changing room facilities; completing the landscaping, the parking area and drains; and construction of two security booths.

But over and above the second phase of physical works, Cato is looking forward to the certification of the Track, which is conditioned upon a separate 400m warm-up track bei-ng part of the Facility.  

This process, he anticipates, will unfold smoothly to fruition within this quarter.

“One of our greatest achievement in the second phase is the certification of the Track.  The Track has already gone through all of its phases as it relates to certification and it soon will be an IAAF certified Level 2 track,” Cato assured.

Notwithstanding Cato’s excitement, THE VINCENTIAN understands that with security all but non-existence at the facility, citizens have been make encroaching on to the track and uses it for their own purposes.

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