Thursday, August 11, 2022
Thursday, August 11, 2022
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The famous rapper from Toronto Kaviedes has come up with his best rap creation No Days Off that is swirling the online streaming channels with huge craze.

Kalid Walters also known as Kaviedes is an up and coming rapper born in Canada but raised in the Island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

As child Kalid started writing songs at the tender age of 10. He always had a desire to be on the stage as he saw his uncle known as Fireman Hooper performing. Fireman was a local and regional sensation.

The popularity of the Raps is sky high now with new artists offering their new creations along the way. Rap is the place where everyone can come and offer their own creations in their own creative styles.

Coming from the Hip Hop culture, rap is always looking for creating something unique, something that is never heard of, something that exhilarates the listeners. Kaviedes, the rapper in Toronto has recently come up with his new Ep No Days Off that is taking the listeners to a grand scale rap experience. Kaviedes has created something out of the ordinary, something that can hardly be heard in the other raps.

His Ep consists of 7 songs. It comes directly from the Hip Hop format where the singer is telling the audience to keep working and making money. The message is shared in the unique 7 raps that show the perfection and talent of the singer with which he elevates each rap and reached the hearts of the people listening. That is obviously not something easy to do.

The mixing and the editing of the songs have also been made by Kaviedes himself as he also happens to be an audio engineer. The song offers the unique audio style that is truly magnificent and captures the attention of the listener the moment they start.

At present the Ep is available in all the streaming platforms and enjoying huge popularity. Truly this is something very unique and for the listeners it is a grand feast of works and music that corresponds the messages in an extremely satisfying manner. Such creations are truly the works of art. To get more info please visit

About Kaviedes:

Kalid graduated Trebas Institute where he did Audio Engineering, Production and Dj Arts in 2019. He is a rapper in Toronto. His Ep No Days Off has been released with 7 songs on it. Coming from the hip hop genre, Kaviedes has already made a huge stir with his musical creations. His Ep, which is also mixed and remastered by him, is now available in the online streaming channels.

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