Monday, June 27, 2022
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Several van owners are complaining that a few rogue bus owners have failed to observe the strike action being undertaken to pressure the government to provide economic support as part of its response to the debilitating Covid-19 pandemic.

BreadFruit News has learnt that while the executive of the Vincentian Transportation Association (VINTAS) are awaiting a long overdue sit down with a team from the government, bus owners have taken an independent decision to show their hand in order to force the government to the negotiating table.

Today’s strike action saw operators in the OTR communities, Barrouaillie, Georgetown, Vermont, Campden Park and Layou areas on ‘go slow’ as they snaked across the country in a motorcade promising to step up their action in the coming days.

However, one van owner in particular came in for a tongue lashing after several owners criticised what they termed his “betrayal” because of greed.

One van owner verbally lashed out at the driver of a minibus who ply the Campden Park route:

“He ah come on the chat and beg the most man them to pull off, come together, now them man come together, you on the road ah work”

Another owner said that “S****** [name called] glad for all them man to pull off the road because hear why he glad, he will make the most money.”

He continued:

“The big man son like he hungry more than anybody else. Everybody else can cooperate because we want betterment but he have to be on the road to work like he has something to prove but I want the police must meet him and put something up his…”

Some van owners took the action to block the path of the van so as to prevent it from taking up passengers. In a video seen by BreadFruit News, van owners were encouraging passengers to disembark the van.

Van owners and operators are upset with the government’s decision to reduce the carrying capacity on public transport vehicles and the ‘aggressive’ steps being taken by police officers to enforce the regulation.

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