Friday, September 24, 2021


In January 2019, a doctor ‘s visit turned our life inside out.  My wife was issued a very serious diagnosis that warranted her having two surgical procedures in two private areas on her body that left us with a telling scare as to what the future would produce. 

Two years later,  what we thought was over and done with has reared it’s head and we are in a position of desperation.  My wife has a very rare form of cancer; spindle cell sarcoma.

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We have made contact with several hospitals in the USA  and Canada on her doctor’s  advice to seek the necessary  treatment.  We have decided  on pursuing the needed procedures and treatment based on our research and guidance received at John Hopkins Medicine  in the USA.

We have to raise over 275K USD.  Even though the figure is a huge one and we have no means of doing this on our own, we believe the God we serve is going to work on the hearts of the people we are reaching out to for assistance. You our brothers and our sisters near and far.

In the last two years, I have lost my Grandmother, a Cousin and very recently an Uncle to cancer.  I am not prepared or ready to lose my wife to this dreaded killer. Neither are my  three children.

I am appealing  to your generosity, your benevolent nature to please assist us to get my wife the medical help that she needs.

Someone said to me, ‘all it takes is for 275k persons to donate $1.00 each and you would realize the goals.

So I am asking you to donate a minimum of $1.00USD or as much as you feel impressed  to donate, then share with your friend and family  members and ask them to do likewise.

Thank you from the depths of my heart.

Your donation will make a difference! In the photo above is myself – Rohan Providence and my lovely wife Mrs. Ancilla Nicolette Snagg-Providence.  We have three beautiful children that make our home complete.

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