Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Wednesday, May 18, 2022


A war of words erupted in the New Democratic Party (NDP) camp over the government’s Covid-19 vaccination program.  

Owner and Manager of Nice Radio Douglas Defreitas heavily criticised his party for sending mixed messages over its support of government’s vaccination initiative.

“Dr Friday is the leader of the Opposition. He is the leader of the Opposition. He has a Public Service Announcement out there stating, encouraging people to take the vaccine. But hear yesterday, the program of which his political party has every day called New Times, sending mixed messages about what the party’s position is because the host of the program Margaret was talking one set of garbled things and other people join in the fray, and I don’t understand where we are going because we are going to find ourselves in a mess,” said a frustrated Defreitas.

In criticising Margaret London who hosts an NDP program on his own radio station, Defreitas has been facing personal attacks on social media by other NDP supporters who are quick to note that Mr Defreitas has family ties with Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

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However, the ardent supporter of the New Democratic Party has never been shy to disagree with his party publicly. He is also known to be a very vocal critic of the governing Unity Labour Party with many calling him a man of ‘principle’ for his stated positions.  

In a recent commentary, he continued:

“I have been listening to the venomous way in which people are speaking because it is politics. Now, some people have been calling it Ralph vaccine. What kind of ignorance are we entering into? Ralph makes vaccine?”

Defreitas comments were directed to statements made by Margaret London when she said:

“The only thing that I put forward is that if the very ULP, the politicians, the persons who are now calling on all of us to be vaccinated, if only they could have done the same as it relates to lives to live bribery materials for elections.”

“The same criteria could have been used to share it. But folks today, we will look at herd or community immunity and one gets the impression that they want us all now to be part of the herd to jump on the bandwagon and say yes go take the vaccine..”

Over 5000 Vincentians have received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

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