Monday, June 27, 2022
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Round three: Epic Failure

A phone call to Hot97.1 FM this morning to solicit the understanding of the general public to support their withdrawal of service went badly for current President of the Vincentian Transportation Association (VINTAS) Royron Adams.

On day three of the protest action, Adams failed to convince talk show hosts 2Kool Chris and Luke Boyea and listeners that he is capable to move beyond “peaceful pressure” to force the government to meet their demands.

The President who is running the Association from overseas hinted that he is either unwilling to meet the cost of two weeks quarantine in a hotel or that he cannot afford to do so in order to return to St. Vincent to deal with the biggest challenge since taking up leadership of the organisation.

Adams told station manager Luke Boyea that the government has never replied to any of the official letters sent to them demanding consideration for improving the terms and conditions of their service to the nation as private individuals providing a public service.

2Kool Chris told the evasive President that “a leader has to be here in the trenches,” to which he suggested that 2Kool and Luke Boyea pay for his return instead.

When challenged as to why he would continue doing the same thing that others have done over the past twenty years and failed, Adams said he is not a militant person.

What is your next step? asked Luke Boyea after providing anecdotal evidence that more minibuses have returned to the road.

President Adams confessed that it will be more of the same. He admitted that he expects buses to return to the road, police to continue to issue tickets for overcrowding and a decision to withdraw their services again until van operators become more united.

Following the call, host 2Kool Chris concluded that the President “is a waste of time…we waste a call…I don’t know how people does make it with that guy…talking to that guy is a task.”

2Kool Chris then went further by openly calling for a change in the leadership of the organisation. “You need to get your head examine, something is wrong with you…y’all need to change that guy,” Chris said.

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