Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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In response to the multi-dimensional crisis – COVID-19, dengue fever and the effusive eruption of La Soufriere Volcano in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a group of concerned Vincentians scattered across the Diaspora has initiated a virtual platform (SVG-DRIP). The coordinating team is led by Sherrill-Ann Mason, Kenley “Shortmus” John, Wendy Diamond, along with Chandelle DeRiggs who is leading the PR team, supported by Eswort “EZ Sounds” Coombs.

What is SVG-DRIP and What’s Been Accomplished so Far?

SVG Disaster Relief Initiative Platform (SVG-DRIP) is a dynamic platform designed to bring together Vincentians across the globe to rally around collective initiatives that increase the impact and reach of localized efforts to support SVG before and after major disasters and crises.

Goal: to leverage available technology to bring key stakeholders throughout the Vincentian Diaspora together to devise, collaborate and implement major joint initiatives to supplement disaster preparedness and relief efforts in SVG.

Through constructive dialogue and cooperation, SVGDRIP has mobilized persons and groups throughout the Diaspora in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands and St. Maarten to work together to kick-start a major, joint relief initiative that was launched on Saturday February 20, 2021 on the virtual platform of VC3 television in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and on other major social media platforms.

This SVGDRIP approach is designed to scale up the scope of outreach and to ensure that Vincentians across the globe, of all generations, can have an opportunity to be a part of relief initiatives to help SVG.

The first major initiative undertaken is a Joint Relief Effort, with major partnerships from: CARION-SVG National Council of SVG Associations UK SVG Relief Inc.

USA SVG Central Florida Organization Inc.

The initiative includes an Amazon shopping link that ensures the safety of donors. This initiative adheres to COVID-19 friendly guidelines, by providing an online shopping experience from the safety of one’s home and will allow items to be delivered directly to identified shippers and locations. As of March 7, the collective efforts of all partners had amassed over 100,000 masks and other PPE. Partial shipment is already on the way, with Amerijet donating full freight costs to the value US$1200 to ship several commercial bins from SVG Relief Inc. in NY. Another, shipment from Carion-SVG has left Canada and yet another will be shipped by SVG Council of Associations UK by week’s end. The SVG Central Florida Organization Inc. held a mask and food drive, and will also ship off soon. Efforts in varying locales are ongoing.

Additionally, SVGDRIP, with support from Counsel General Fitz Huggins in Canada, has secured 6 dialysis pumps and rods for the Diagnostic Medical Center in Georgetown, SVG.

SVGDRIP, which is an all-volunteer run entity has adopted the motto: “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together”. DOD

Other Info:

SVG Joint Relief Effort

Major Collaborators: CARTON-SVG National Council of SVG Associations UK SVG Relief Inc. USA SVG Central Florida Organization Inc.

NEEDED PPE: 3 Layer surgical Masks, Disposable Gowns, Face Shields, Shoe Covers, N-95 masks, Gloves, Small & Gallon bottles of Hand Sanitizers (more to be added)

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