Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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I don’t usually follow the news so last year when people started to clear supermarkets I was mystified as to why. Previously a friend who is in the medical profession told me there were reports of a new virus with no known cure emerging in China and it wasn’t a matter of if it would arrive here but when.

One day last March my throat felt sore. I didn’t have any coughing but I thought as a precaution I should self-isolate for a bit.

Soon after my self-isolation my throat got better and I had no symptoms for three days. Four days later I lost all my energy it was like someone had flipped a switch and shortly after I began to shiver and shake. My heart started pounding, it felt like my chest was about to explode and this feeling lasted anything from 30 to 60 minutes. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it any more it stopped and I passed out for about 3 hours. Later on that day it seemed all I could taste and smell was burnt rubber.

For the next two weeks my heart continued acting strangely. Every day or every other day it would pound really hard for a couple of hours followed by a fluttering irregular rhythm. I started to get a rash and fizzing under my skin which migrated around my body.

One night my heart started the pounding again but this time it lasted through the night. After it stopped pounding it then started fluttering and continued throughout the day. By late afternoon I thought I should call an ambulance. A specialist heart team came out. The paramedic told me that recently they had been called to a few similar cases. They didn’t take me to hospital and said it would be better for me to stay home. This seemed to break the back of the severe symptoms.

The following week there were less issues with my heart, but I felt very cold, There was still no coughing but I have a very bad sore throat, my head and ear really hurt and I had tinnitus in the same ear, and cramps in my left bicep. These symptoms continued for three months then gradually eased off.

Over the following 6-7 months the most painful symptoms have gone. I am now left with a mild sore throat and tinnitus.

If you are experiencing symptoms of Long COVID please speak to your GP.

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