Friday, September 24, 2021


It is laughable how some ‘intelligent’ persons are swayed if not misled by the current pro vaccine propaganda … so it is left to conclude that the propaganda machine, well oiled, is effective.   It has captured the imagination of even our learned leaders, why, because they ‘fraid’ to die!      … isn’t that’s why you want the vaccination?

When the world news announced at the end of 2019 that a deadly virus was spreading, (ushering the ‘new norm’ of social distancing and associated protocols), what became the daily norm thereafter was news and scenes of dead bodies in Europe, USA and elsewhere – pictures of death, deaths and more deaths, leaving the world in a state of shock, psychological shock, and stress.

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Shock is trauma or injury of the mind, and when your mind is injured, it invariably affects other body functions.  

The constant bombarding from the news media has subtly brainwashed most of our ‘intelligentsia’ into believing that the vaccine is the best way to prevent death, because that is what the virus is capable of doing, has done and will continue to do……. especially if you don’t take the jab.

No government or vaccine manufacturer is currently LIABLE, despite the fact that trillions of dollars are made by the vaccine makers (note I did not state pharmaceutical companies).   

Vaccines are normally tested on mice and other animals to see what the reaction is in both the short and long term. In this case you are dealing with virulent DNA or segments of DNA, which isn’t quite an exact science when you are trying to edit genes at micro millimeter ranges.  Although CRISPR (lustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) has been around for the last decade or so, that science has not yet been perfected.   The technology has its usefulness, but to some cold-hearted scientists, the human trials are the best way to fast track the findings, at the expense of human ‘guinea pigs’.  I guess some lab mice are breathing lil’ longer.

Why do people really want the vaccine?

Because the scene of COVID death is so overwhelming, many people are afraid to die, and the vaccine is one of the ways to avoid death.  While the vaccine may not prevent you from contracting future COVID variants,  some medics pushing for the vaccine state that it will lessen the effects of future infections.  There is no guarantee that the current vaccine will be effective against new or other strains.  So the risks far outweigh the benefits at this time.  

The second reason why some persons took the vaccine is purely to allow them to travel without restrictions; I smile when I heard that justification.   I go no further, so the majority of persons either is afraid to die or just want to be able to travel.

There is undisputable scientific proof that our lemon grass, ‘aka’ fever grass that grows wild in SVG, can destroy the corona group of viruses.   Most persons 40 years or older would remember that when you had a bad cold or flu, some hot lemon grass tea, sometimes with a half of lime, would be given to the sick child or person, following which you would literally ‘sweat it out’.  In a day or two you were up and going again.  

The Good Book states that the ‘herbs and the leaves thereof are for the healing of the nations’ and most modern medicines have herbal origins.   

Why ‘strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel’, I ask my fellow Vincentians.

In closing, when my children asked me if I was taking the jab, I laughingly responded, “… die I must but not from that vaccine!”

Donald De Riggs

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