Friday, September 24, 2021


Malakye Nero, a fourth form student at the St Martin’s Secondary School is keen to make his mark in track, following in the footsteps of Pamenos Ballantyne.

Nero, an 800m specialist, is coached by Ballantyne, a former OECS sports personality and a stalwart of the Caribbean road race circuit; is hoping to carry on the legacy of his coach. 

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“I began training last year with Ballantyne whom I met when I was in Form Three at St Martin’s Secondary where he is the coach of the School team. I was the School’s Intermediate Champion with two Gold medals and one Bronze at the School’s sports.”

Nero is committed to adopting and practicing “the positives during training” as he continues to develop.

And he has his focus on the very top of his sport, sharing, “I would also like to be an Olympian one day like my coach Ballantyne and carry on his legacy, but I will have to be committed always… never give up… consistent and disciplined if I want to achieve that goal.”

As for training with Ballantyne, Nero assured that “this was very comfortable.  He is family but he is also supportive during my training and school work as well.  He knows what is required to get to the top.”

As for what stands immediately before him, the Sandy Bay resident is eager to compete in the Inter-Secondary Schools Track and Field Championship.

He also eyes “going abroad to compete” with “the Commonwealth Games in the mix in a few years’ time” and “one day obtaining a scholarship”.  He added, “…meaning, I can think of what I want to do and how I want my race to be, so after the first 400 meters I just have to sprint home, after you done your planning and thinking. My goal now is to compete in the Intermediate especially in the Inter School Sports and going abroad, at least going to the Commonwealth Games in a few years’ time”.

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