Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Today, I’m in business management but in a previous life, as a student of science I had a very unique opportunity to dabble in vaccination production as a trained Biochemical Engineer from the prestigious University College London, UK. When Covid just started I shared that and provided information on how viruses work.  I think it only fitting to now share how vaccines work but using a very  simple analogy (so trained doctors and scientists this is not for you). To those who are undecided or skeptical, I know there’s a lot of information out there but I’d love for you to take a read.  You dont have to agree, just hear me out.

1. After all this pandemic talk, we all should probably understand that our body’s ability to fight diseases in simple terms is called immunity.  Imagine your body’s immunity as an army protecting a country. Imagine  disease causing agents such as the virus that causes COVID as the enemy forces trying to invade that country and destroy it.

Your body already has an army without any vaccines.  It fights diseases on its own fairly well especially if you’re reasonably healthy. 

A vaccine trains your body to be stronger and smarter especially if the enemy is new and advanced. It doesn’t prevent invasion and it doesn’t mean you might not get hurt and you’re not guaranteed to win the war. It simply means you’re stronger to fight the war when it comes.

2. The enemy (COVID) can jump from you to another country (person) even with the vaccine,  meaning yes, you can spread it.  But your stronger army (heightened immunity) means your viral load drops faster which means you are less likely to spread it and spread less of it …Aka your strong army destroys a lot of the enemy before they multiply and before they can get stronger and go to attack another country (person). So you protect those around you.

3. If many of us are not vaccinated, the virus gets stronger and stronger  and mutates until even your vaccinated army is too weak to defeat it. The faster more of us get vaccinated, the STRONGER the shield we create TOGETHER especially against those who CANNOT get vaccinated such as immunocompromised and young children.  We are fighting against time and the virus.

4. You can become ill with COVID even if vaccinated. The same with other diseases such as chicken pox. In the case of COVID, when you are vaccinated your body is better prepared to fight it, you are 24 times less likely to go to the hospital and less likely to die from complications of COVID. Aka your army might get a few blows because COVID is strong but at least you have an army with heavy artillery not an army with sticks.

I agree that the COVID pandemic has raised a lot of doubts. Plus honestly scientists are generally horrible at communication and like to outshine each other. That has paved the way for tonnes of doubt and conspiracy.  Fair enough. But the fundamentals of Science hardly change. We add to it.

At the end of the day, yes it is your choice to be vaccinated or not but remember with choice there is consequence. Let’s fight COVID together!

-Shafia London

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