Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Dyke Cato, the person who oversees the operation of the Diamond Track Facility, is happy it is being used even as certain infrastructural components are not yet in place.

The track, a certified Level 2 athletics track as approved by the International Association of Athletics Federations, in its current stage of development, provides a different experience for local athletes, and Cato urges persons using it to be patient as works continues to bring it to completion. 

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Cato noted that while the Facility is not a finished product, local athletes are allowed to use it.  He disclosed that athletes use the Facility even though toilet conveniences are not fully in place.  Portable toilet facilities are made available during use.

“It’s not a finished stadium so, in the interim, we ask organizations to bring their portable toilets and that has been going well so far and is not a problem,” Cato said.

The caretaker admitted that there have been some changes to the originally phased development, with toilet facilities being stepped down in terms of priority.

“So, while we understand the concern with the toilets, there was a change of plan.  The wall, drains and (perimeter) fence were given priority as they control the amount of water from entering the stadium and prevent animals entering the Facility.  Not that the toilets are not priority, but we had to give precedence to those areas as we have to protect the stadium,” Cato explained.

He added that once things get back to normal, the different phases will continue with preference being given to the toilet conveniences.

Cato also shared that rather than covering the bleachers the intention now is to erect a pre-fabricated stand, which will accommodate the toilet/washroom facilities.  

All in all, Cato is pleased that those who use the Facility, especially the track, understand the situation and adjust to suit the absence of some services. 

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