Thursday, December 2, 2021


Digicel is declaring its relaunch as a Digital Operator one year ago a success as customers fully embrace the benefits of a digital lifestyle delivered on a supercharged network.

On 20th October, 2020, Digicel stepped out as a Digital Operator and committed to delivering customers 1440 minutes of digital experiences and engagement via its suite of apps, neatly packaged in data-packed Digicel Prime Bundles, along with a promise of simply more.

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In a clear indication that homegrown digital talent and innovation can take on Silicon Valley and prevail.  The success is showing up in the numbers with 70% of data users already using and enjoying Digicel Prime Bundles, and customer sentiment trending up with improving NPS (Net Promoter Score) numbers. Put simply, customers are loving digital.

Digicel’s commitment to delivering more is translating to a vibrant suite of content, entertainment and engagement-packed apps that are constantly growing and evolving as customers spend more and more time using and enjoying them. 

That surge in popularity has seen the D’Music app song catalogue growing by 15 million to now offer 55 million songs..; TV streaming app, PlayGo, adding 140 live TV channels to now boast 160 live TV channels; messaging, marketplace, job vacancy posting app, BiP now features almost one dozen local affinity partners; and the GoLoud app, offering 7 local radio stations covering every popular genre and taste.

Digicel fastest growing app

In fact, from a standing start, GoLoud has found a previously untapped audience in the region with its engaging blend of podcasts, local radio and local DJ mixes making it Digicel’s fastest growing app.

In keeping with its promise of simply more, each of Digicel’s suite of apps will be marking one year of Digital Operator success with prizes, gifts and free premium content galore.

This started last Wednesday 20th October with a guaranteed Shake to Win on MyDigicel app, and premium access plus a gift of 2GBs to use on that day.

Premium channels and a gift of 2GBs per day for all customers using PlayGo were made available from 18th to 22nd October plus; and a week of premium content and a gift of 2GBs per day for all SportsMax users – plus much more.

Commenting on one year as a Digital Operator, Digicel SVG CEO, Fanta Williams, said; “The last year has been about building a solid base of engaged app users and strongly promoting the benefits of a digital lifestyle via our apps and our superior network. That focus is paying off as customers spend more and more of the 1440 minutes they have in each day with Digicel.” 

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