Thursday, December 2, 2021


Attorney Kay Bacchus-Baptiste, representing murder accused journalist and Public Relations Consultant- Junior Jarvis, confirmed to THE VINCENTIAN on Wednesday that she has received three of the items, belonging to her client, which the Court had ordered that the state hand over to her by Monday, November 15. 

Bacchus-Baptiste said that two cellular phones, and an Ipad, pro tablet, belonging to Jarvis, were handed over to her at her Law Chambers on Monday. 

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But the lawyer who has been engaged in another legal matter for the past week, said that to date she did get a chance to look at the items thoroughly, nor was she able to ascertain whether they were forensically analyzed.

Javis’ matter is still stuck at the Case Management stage, and the trial is not likely to be heard before the next sitting of the Criminal Assizes scheduled to begin in January 2022.

Jarvis is awaiting trial for the murder of 39-year-old Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines employee, Randy Lawrence, who was reportedly shot several times around 7am, February 14, 2017 (Valentine’s Day) at Arnos Vale. 

He is also awaiting trial for the attempted murder of Josette Smith of Arnos Vale, using a firearm to aid in the commission of an offences, entering Smith’s apartment as a trespasser, and at the time had with him a weapon of violence, to wit a gun. He is also accused of using force to compel Smith from her house at Arnos Vale, and assaulting her causing bodily harm.

These offences were also reportedly committed at Arnos Vale, February 14, 2017.

Bacchus-Baptiste had asked that a number of items which she said were taken from her client following his arrest in February 2017, be handed over to her, as she needed them to assist in the preparation of her defence.

The items included Jarvis’ cellular phones, Ipad, key ring, and two keys. She had also requested disclosure of a cellular phone which had belonged to Lawrence.

The state’s claim was that the items had to be forensically examined and that process had not yet been completed.

At a Case Management hearing on October 15 this year, Justice Brian Cottle ordered that the items be handed over to Bacchus-Baptiste by Monday, November 15.

At the most recent Case Management hearing of the matter which was held at the High Court on Monday, Bacchus-Baptiste was not present but attorney Samantha Robertson held papers for her.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Sejilla Mcdowall told the Court that the state was seeking to have the phones forensically analyzed, and though some progress was made in this regard, that process was not yet completed.

The DPP gave a time line of about two to three weeks which she said would take the matter into the next sitting of the Criminal Assizes. But Robertson said that if there was going to be a time line of about two to three weeks for the forensic process to be completed, another case management hearing could be scheduled before the Assizes takes the break for Christmas.

Robertson also told the Court that, “My instruction is that the phones were supposed to be handed over this morning.” 

The Court had given the state until last Monday to hand over the items to Jarvis’ attorney.

Robertson asked that the hearing be stood down so that she could get in contact with Bacchus-Baptiste.

Justice Cottle granted the short adjournment, and the DPP said she would use the time to inquire as to whether the phones could be handed over the same day.

When the hearing was resumed, the DPP confirmed that the phones would be handed over.

Justice Cottle then told Jarvis, “Your phones will be handed over today to your legal representative.” 

The DPP also told the Court, “I think it would be important to have another Case Management before the close of the Assizes.

Following consultation with both sides, Justice Cottle set December 10 as the date for the next Case Management hearing.

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