Thursday, December 2, 2021


One of St Vincent and the Grenadines’ most illustrious athletes, three-time Olympian Kineke Alexander, is approaching a new chapter of her life.

“Coming back home has always been a pleasure. … I look forward to mentoring the young athletes. …  I see it fitting to give back to the sport that has given me so much,” Alexander shared during a recent but short visit home.

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During her short visit, she admitted to not doing much given the short period of the visit but about previous visits, she related, “I went to the different primary and secondary schools and talked to the kids, giving them the history of my achievements, where I came from and my journey.  Hopefully it will generate interest in the sport…. In short, I try to get them on the right path, because right now the way the world is going, the kids need to make the right choices.”

After a career of 27 years of active track, Alexander made it clear she was fully retired from the sport, giving her time to focus on, among other things, her responsibilities of being the Chair of the Athletes Commission of the North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association (NACAC).

“I am now the Chair OF NACAC Athletes Commission and I am putting my efforts towards helping the athletes in the NACAC region so their voices can be heard, and to make sure the world continues to follow our progress,” she said of her role with NACAC.

As for coaching, Alexander has no intention of entering that area.  She said, “Everyone asks me that question, but not because you were a good athlete you will be a good coach, so I don’t think I am that kind of person. I am pretty satisfied with the role I am playing now as Chair of the NACAC Athlete Commission.”

But Alexander had an interesting additional comment with respect to her future.  “Once the opportunity presents itself, I would also love to pursue a career in nursing, so let’s wait and see how that goes.”

Kineke Alexander represented this country at the Summer Olympics in Beijing (2008), London (2012) and Rio (2016).  She contested the 400m on each occasion.

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