Friday, December 3, 2021


Newly elected President of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Olympic Committee (SVGOC) – Stephen Joachim sees the next three years of the organisation as being “transitional”.

Joachim was elected to the top post last Friday night at the SVGOC’s Special General Meeting, held at Hotel Alexandrina’s Conference Room.

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Speaking at the end of the meeting, Joachim declared “the next three years will be transitional.” 

His assessment came as he identified at least three of his Executive members as getting older and suggested, “we really need to get some younger people in …I was really pleased to see some new young people coming on.”

Among the entirely new faces on the Executive were Geshell Peters, Kevin Hannaway and La Prise Williams. 

Joachim, who served as Trustee from 2013 to 2017, also thumbed some of the other areas which have to be addressed within the period of transition. 

“What we really need more than anything else on this Executive is a PRO (Public Relations Officer) … Most of the sporting organisations have that same problem,” he lamented.

He noted that with a PRO in place, many of the misconceptions of the mandate of the SVGOC will be alleviated. 

“There is a serious lack of understanding among our affiliates and among the general public about what the NOC does and what it can do and what it cannot do …The NOC first of all can’t do anything; we just help the affiliates,” Joachim emphasised.  

“The affiliates are the ones who have to develop the athletes; we don’t develop athletes, we provide money, we provide resources, training… that’s what we do…. (help) the affiliates to help their athletes,” the SVGOC President echoed. 

Better Stewardship 

Above all, the new SVGOC President conceded that he and his Executive have to give better stewardship to their affiliates and the country as a whole. 

“You heard the complaints here tonight… The message should be loud and clear… We have to do better; our affiliates are not happy,” The new president acknowledged. 


En route to being installed as President, Joachim gained 12 votes.  His opponents- Wayne Williams and Vanburn Harry, gained 3 and 2 votes respectively. 

Having given notice that he was not contesting for the post of President, a post he held for 24 years, Trevor Bailey was elected Vice–President, beating Rohan Providence 10-7.

Jacintha Ballantyne retained her position as Treasure tipping Nicha Brancker by a whisker, 9-8.

Keith Joseph was returned as Secretary General 12 votes to 5 over Vanburn Harry.  

Geshell Peters triumphed 12–5 over Claude Bascombe, to become the new Assistant Secretary General/Treasurer.

There was no need for a vote for Trustees as La Prise Williams and Kevin Hannaway were the only nominees for the two positions.

The elected Executive will serve for the next four years. 

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