Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Two young Vincentian musicians have launched an R&B album called Retrospect. Joshua ‘CHILLBILL’ Lewis, 19 and Joel “King Of Royalty” Bute, 24, made their debut album launch on Friday, February 11, 2022 on YouTube.

The launch of the album which features six R&B love songs coincides with Valentines 2022 celebrations. In a release, singer and musician Joshua ‘ChillBill’ Lewis said the album – Retrospect was made to show our generation the kind of true love our ancestors experienced.

“I hope the listeners grasp our concept that the true retro love should come back to this generation. Love and relationships that last, relationships that are built on trust. I also hope the listeners recognize the true instrumentation in the production to give the listeners a better listening experience,” Lewis said.

“It was a very rough couple of months. A lot of audio mishaps, videos that didn’t go the way we planned and many other disappointments but we pushed through to make quality music for our listeners and fans.” Mr. Lewis added.

Meanwhile, the other artist, Joel “King Of Royalty” Bute says:

“In the event of all the sacrifices that was put down from physical to spiritual It really took a lot in the mental aspect to keep pushing because of the passion and the joy I’ve gained from this experience.”

“From being stranded to getting discouraged and frustrated, it was a roller coaster from day one but it was all worth it,” Mr. Bute added.

Both Joshua and Joel are no strangers to the music industry.

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