Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Multiple gunshot wounds, a slashed throat and plucked out eyes — that’s the last image a 54-year-old father now has of his daughter after police described to him the state of her body which was found in bushes last Thursday.

The woman, 30-year-old Leona “Kimmy” Thomas, a driver employed to GraceKennedy Limited, was killed early Wednesday morning while making deliveries in close proximity to her home in Windsor Heights, off Windsor Road in St Catherine. Strangely, it is an incident that remains low-keyed, as far as reportage goes.

“Mi cyaan sleep. Every time my eyes shut, it come like a she me a see. Mi a jump up outta mi sleep. A the police dem tell mi. Me and my son… we went down to the station and talk to them. Her throat slashed and her eyes dem dig out and she get shot. And dem throw har inna bush,” the distressed man told the Jamaica Observer.

“Mi have the blood pressure and sugar, and mi nuh want it lick mi down. Mi feel weak. Mi nuh 100 right now. Mi under pressure right now. A two night now mi nuh sleep. Mi head a hurt mi,” he continued.

Thomas’ body was found along Washington Drive in Windsor Heights. While being informed about the state of his daughter’s body, the man told the Sunday Observer that police officers had to console him.

“The police dem haffi hold on pon mi. Mi nuh know. Something wrong!” he said.

Police sources from the St Catherine South Police Division told the Sunday Observer that it seems Thomas didn’t make it home on Wednesday morning. The truck she was driving was discovered, stripped of all the goods on the main road. This was a little distance away from where her body was dumped.

Since the start of the year, 15 murders and 18 shootings were recorded in the division.

Thomas’ younger brother said he doesn’t know how to respond.

“At this moment, I don’t even know what to say, to be honest. She’s a girl that I’m sure nah go trouble nobody. She is jovial and stuff like that. I don’t know what to say,” he told the Sunday Observer.

Moreover, he inquired as to why the family hasn’t been able to identify her body as yet.

“The police said they are doing an investigation and then we will be able to identify the body. How long does it take for them to do their investigations?” he questioned.

Devastatingly, the father said he found out about his daughter’s murder a day later in the most heartbreaking way.

His phone rang Thursday evening and he answered. A family member then asked him: “A true seh Kimmy dead?” hitting him offguard and sending him into a wave of emotions.

“Weh yuh mean Kimmy dead?” he responded staggeringly. He said that was what spurred him to engage the police.

The man told the Sunday Observer that when police officers took him and his son to Thomas’ home, the front door was locked. Her roommate was then alerted and she gave them access to the house. Inside, they discovered that a washing machine was stolen from the house, along with chicken that was left in the refrigerator and other items.

It is suspected that criminals gained access to the house after taking a key from her body. And after rummaging through the house, they locked the door and left with the key.

Late Friday night, Thomas’ roommate was accompanied by Guardsman personnel to the area to collect her belongings to go elsewhere because the home was deemed “unsafe” as investigations continue.

The woman, who was referred to as Thomas’ sister, told the Sunday Observer: “We were living together. I don’t know anything. The police don’t give us no information and them no talk to we all now. They said they would call us and we are waiting on the call.”

Before she could continue, she broke down and said she couldn’t speak on the incident anymore.

Thomas’s aunt told the Sunday Observer that she was distraught. Up to Saturday night when contacted, she said she was unable to fathom what had happened.

“She supposed to do a delivery,” she said. “I honestly don’t remember the last time I talked to her. Mi head cyaan recall nothing now. I am out of it.”

Meanwhile, Thomas’s father is adamant that his daughter was “set up.”

“A some funny play a gwaan. She not even reach har yard and dem kill har and throw har inna bush. It look tricky!”

Don Wehby, group chief executive officer of GraceKennedy Limited, told the Sunday Observer on Saturday that the company is deeply hurt by the loss.

“We are extremely sorry and broken-hearted, and we have our security people really doing a proper investigation. We are very distraught and sad. We are extremely concerned. It is a very sad moment for us,” he said.

“I was in a meeting when I heard that one of our truck drivers was killed somewhere in Central Village, and the goods stolen from the truck. I am really concerned about it.”

Wehby said there are some sensitive issues that can’t be discussed regarding the incident. However, he said: “All our trucks have panic buttons on them and it is not clear to us at this time whether the panic button was pressed or not, which is a big issue for us.”

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