Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Dominic Stowe, a past President of the Bequia Football Association (BFA) and Executive member of the SVG Football Federation (SVHFF) has expressed his concern and displeasure with the manner in which the SVGFF is handling the affairs of the sports.

“In my humble view,” Stowe said, “of the points issued in their mandate, (another) one should have been added, which is to communicate with their membership as quickly as possible…. far more progress would have been made, because there were straightforward questions that were asked, and there was the demand for direct answers, especially from the president Carl Dickson, who seems not to want to communicate with the affiliates by not having a Congress.”

Stowe acknowledged that there are various challenges which didn’t occur overnight but posited, “I am not seeing a more genuine interest by Carl Dickson led administration to see if they can re-engage, revamp and return the image of St. Vincent and the Grenadines football to where it rightfully deserves.”

The Bequia native said that during the (Covid-19) pandemic, the Executive demonstrated poor communication, glaring errors regarding good governance which, according to some, are alleged to have created openings for abuse of privileges.  He advanced the view that since the COVID-19 pandemic, the trust between the SVGFF and its membership has deteriorated.

He went on further, “For some reason there is a misplaced sense of arrogance, division and superiority surrounding SVG Football at the Executive Level. All previous new and innovative ideas are butchered and the few that are taken are executed poorly, which only succeeds in deterring future interest. It is very clear that arrogance is mistaken for professionalism….. .”

It is paramount to rekindle a sound and mutually respected relationship between membership and federation, and I believe that by working together earnestly, it can be achieved, Stowe suggested.

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