Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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“Don’t call my phone, girl!”

That was how, according to Attorney Kay Bachis-Baptiste, Commissioner of Police Colin John responded to her as she sought to to get information on the arrest of her client Kenson King.

King was arrested on the morning of Friday 25th March and charged with three counts of using seditious language by 4:00pm the same day.

Her client was not granted station bail as would have been the prerogative of the Commissioner of Police, and was detained until he appeared in court on Monday, having spent 72 hours in detention.

Speaking on last Saturday’s episode of the CTVIEW Saturday Show, Bacchus-Baptiste said, “This is a very disturbing situation in St Vincent and the Grenadines perpetrated once again by the police by their wrongful vindictive political action.”

The seasoned attorney drew as reference to the action against her client by comparing it “”NDP must suffer and die…,” as uttered by Minister of Finance Camilo Gonsalves on a political campaign stage.

She also paraphrased something attributed to the Prime Minister in which he is alleged to have he will pursue certain people to the hills until they exist no more, and also that he didn’t care care if it’s the last day in office.

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