Sunday, July 3, 2022
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The Health Services Sub-committee wishes to inform the public of the following changes to the COVID-19 Rules with effect from March 29, 2022:

Public Health (COVID-19) (Gathering) (Repeal) Rules 2022: Statutory Rules and Orders 2022 NO.14 repealed the Public Health COVID-19 Gathering rules of 2021 and therefore there are no restrictions on gatherings of more than 10 persons indoors and 20 persons outdoors. Open-air crusades, parties, funerals and other such gatherings can now take place without any restrictions on the number of persons, their vaccination status or the space occupied.

Public Health (COVID-19) (Amendment) Rules 2022:Statutory Rules and Orders 2022 NO.15 amended the Public Health (COVID-19) Rules of 2021 as follows:

  • Rule 2 was amended by the deletion of the definition of “place of entertainment” in keeping with the repeal of the Gathering Rules removing any restrictions on gatherings and any rules which apply; 
  • Rule 4 which refers to restrictions on restaurants or food establishments was revoked;
  • Rules 7, 7A and 7B which impose the requirement for testing of drivers and conductors of public service vehicles, the requirement for sanitization and restricting the loading capacity were revoked.

All of the other rules of the Public Health (COVID-19) Rules of 2021 remain, including rule 5&6 which requires the use of masks in public spaces and private spaces to which the public has access to, and by drivers and passengers of public service vehicles.

Recommendations for the reinstatement of the restrictions on gatherings will be considered if the COVID-19 case positivity (percentage of tests which are positive) rises is higher than 5 % over a two-week period, or if ten (10) or more new COVID-19 cases without possible connection to each other are reported in a day.

The public is strongly advised to continue practising the proven public health measures of hand sanitizing, social distancing and being vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus in order to decrease the risk of a new surge in cases. Protocols for vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers to St. Vincent and the Grenadines remain unchanged.

Vaccinated travellers five (5) years and older must therefore arrive with a negative rapid antigen test no more than 24 hours old or a negative RT-PCR test no more than 72 hours old. Unvaccinated travellers five years and older must arrive with a negative RT-PCR test no more than 72 hours old and paid reservations for quarantine in an SVGTA/MOHWE approved hotel.

The Health Services Sub-committee will continue to be guided by the ever-evolving science as we work together to maintain the health and wellbeing of all of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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