Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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The Ministry of Tourism will soon begin the distribution of COVID-19 related vaccination identification cards (ID’s) for persons in the tour industry and later to the public.

CEO of the Tourism Authority, Glen Beache, made the announcement during a press conference at the Ministry of Tourism conference room on Wednesday 6.

He said that the vaccination ID initiative falls under the Ministry of Tourism it will be rolled out in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

According to Beache, the vaccination ID card is a result of a process during which consideration was given as to how to verify the vaccination status of the taxi drivers, tour guides and tour operators, so as to assure passengers that it was safe to use certain taxi drivers and tour guides.

The ID card will now become an ID card and a vaccination card for tourism stakeholders/functionaries, and will give the date of first dose, date of second dose and batch number and date of booster if one was administered. The back of the card will carry a QR code that will carry all the information, revealed when screened.

Beache assured that there will be intense checks with the Ministry of Health with respect to the status of persons applying for the new vaccination ID card.

“So it is not a matter of them just presenting the vaccination card,” Beache stressed.

And as far as making the ‘new’ card available to the public, the CEO said, “At this time we are also looking at providing this for the public but it will be at a cost. We have not priced it out completely but from what I am seeing, we are looking at a cost between $150 and $200, for one of these cards.”

He admitted that there might be comment about the card being expensive but he explained that whatever the cost, it was based on inclusion of all that was needed to produce the card, e.g. printer and ink.

The use of the card by the public is especially useful for those who travel often and who encounter checks for vaccination status at airports, restaurants, etc., the CEO cited, adding that the design of the card for use in the tourism will differ from the one issued to the public.

The ‘new’ card will be available for distribution to those in the tourism industry between this week and the end of next week.

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