Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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It has come to the attention of Rise Hairouna that several defamatory statements have been made on the social media platform, Facebook, beginning on Saturday April 2, 2022. These statements accused Rise Hairouna and its members of engaging in fraudulent activities.

Rise Hairouna wishes to advise the general public that these statements are false.

Several attempts have been made to the individual to cease and desist from engaging in such heinous activities and to make a public apology.

Regrettably, these attempts have proven futile. To this end, the organization has decided to seek legal counsel on this very serious matter and will be taking swift action.

Rise Hairouna wishes to advise the general public that we are a non-profit/grassroot organization which engages in fundraising activities to finance important projects such as our seed program in North Leeward and initiatives like our “Christmas toy drive” to dismissed civil servants.

Our mission has been and will always be the betterment of the people of this blessed St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We, therefore, take these recent libelous statements against Rise Hairouna and our members very seriously, and will hold those responsible accountable.

About Rise Hairouna
“Justice is the indispensable companion of the truth. Accountability for crimes and gross violations, including individual accountability under criminal law, is key to reinstate public trust in justice and security institutions to rebuild the rule of law and sustainable peace.”-United Nations.

Rise Hairouna is a nonpartisan citizen powered grassroots movement which envelopes equality, integrity and humanity. In the best interest of generations to come, Rise Hairouna encourages citizen power to champion St. Vincent and the Grenadines where justice is seen to be done no matter political affiliation, gender, colour, or financial status.

Rise Hairouna believes in the oneness of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and its ability to prosperously soar. National security, basic healthcare, human rights, violence, police brutality and extreme poverty plagues the nation with the present administration showing an unwillingness and or are incapable to effectively address.

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