Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Just or unjust? Recently a senior manager on the island of Mustique is alleged to have resigned from his post. At the time, he was seen being escorted from the island by the Island’s security chief. The alleged resignation was then confirmed to have indeed occurred as it was told to the department this manager headed by that department’s senior director with no explanation or reason for the sudden resignation.

No less than a day or two later an investigation was launched into the said manager’s department where it is alleged that the manager was selling items to the company; a direct conflict of interest and that the items although they were accounted for and in some cases paid for it is alleged they were not supplied.

The staff is puzzled and frustrated as they don’t know what to believe. Their former manager appeared to operate above board even as he appeared to have been dealing with numerous personal issues of great significance to him such as the health of his wife of which they were aware.

They are even further confused as their former manager held them highly accountable. They wonder if this is a direct attack to his personality or is it factual… Many believe his resignation is to take his wife abroad for medical attention, while others believe it was forced because of what was previously uncovered.

Roll back two years ago, however, a senior director was also alleged to have committed fraud. The difference in scenarios however was despite the allegations, this director an expat was allowed time on the island once he resigned, he was given the opportunity to speak with his entire team, wish them every success and say goodbye. It is further alleged that despite his alleged fraud being several millions, he was given a packaged deal and sent on his way a happy man.

Now is this a just or unjust situation? The facts of this narrative can be verified by contacting the CFO, Operations Director, The former and current Managers of the mechanical department, the team in the mechanical department and the Island’s Security director.

We want the truth and we want things to be dealt with equally no matter the colour of the individual skin or nationality! Treat everyone the same!

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