Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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I write in response to the recently published editorial on the alleged fraud investigation of the local senior manager on the Grenadine Island of Mustique.

The article was troubling and had me initiate an attempt to speak with the person I believe the article referenced as the local senior manager as I am very familiar with the individual.

While I believe the article was well-intentioned in my estimation it was untimely and very insensitive. I cannot confirm or deny the allegations that were detailed in the article. Rather, I question the penning and publishing of the article.

The individual that I believe is referenced is very determined, intellectual, and committed. I have known him personally for years. Even though we have been out of touch. He has served in varying capacities in civil society – as chairperson of the Supervisory and Compliance Committee of one of the nation’s leading financial non Bank Institutions for several years,  As Treasurer and President of a National Sporting Body, and even as President of a very strong National Youth membership of one of the larger religious organizations here in St.Vincent. I have known this individual to be very professional and highly efficient in discharging duties and accomplishing tasks.

This individual has also expressed interest and has been grooming himself to enter the political arena to be of greater service to his fellowmen. A feat I am confident he will achieve.

Why then would anyone seek to destroy such a promising future leader?? I find it rather difficult to even believe that this individual could have gotten involved in any sort of fraudulent act or activity. But, peradventure this is the case then there must be more happening than immediately meets the eyes.

I have seen this young man’s determination and resilience at a vantage point. I have watched as he battled to rebuild from loss of his source of revenue from the loss of his business. I have observed him as he extended human compassion and forgiveness of debts from clients, ending litigation against clients even as his family suffered at the hands of his creditors. I watched as he sought to raise funds to address the illness of his wife, of course, I made my contribution though not in the amounts that I wished I was capable of giving to assist their cause.

I am deeply troubled that if these allegations prove to be true, while I highly doubt it to be so, peradventure it be so then I highly suggest that the lofty organization do the humane thing and provide some level of counseling and consultation from a socially responsible and humanistic standpoint as they are known for and get this individual some help. Because should this be the reality, I believe that the young man has somehow been broken in a horrific manner.

My attempts to reach and dialogue with him have gone unanswered. I understand this as at this time, I believe the embarrassment and distrust of anyone who may be calling especially those who may have been out of touch for an extended period must appear suspect to him and his family.

I really do hope that this dissipates and propels his immediate past employers to do some sort of intervention if indeed these allegations are factual. And even if they’re not, as a responsible entity, I would only hope they provide some measure of support towards his mental health.
I also hope that this article would lead to a response to my attempts to make contact. I am doing so only to reconnect and offer support to someone I admire as a positive societal role model.



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