Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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The local organizing committee (LOC) is an important arm of the SVGFF it is expected to provide oversight, support and advice to the SVGFF on the planning logistics.

The task of the organizing head is to oversee the whole event, delegate tasks, and make sure that things are all set for the actual team building day. The person handling the committee is in-charge of coming up with a set of activities for the football event.

The unexpected conflict, unfortunately, started after the fall of previous exco led by Mr. Coombs, which was followed by the so call restructuring of the organization along with on-going policies left behind by Mr. Venold Coombs and Mr. Marvin Fraser, especially about the club championship and the replacement of national team coach. The increasingly dispute then followed by disrespecting of clubs and leagues through the country.

It would be very interesting to get insight about the reasons that lead to both LOC and SVGFF to continue their strife rather than mutually exchanging any proposal that might consequence to punishment of the national teams.

Alledged Chronology of Conflict between LOC and SVGFF

§  LOC had plan a meeting with the 2VP, Gen Sec and 3rd VP.

§  However, the Gen Sec went ahead and planned a tournament committee meeting on that said date that the LOC had organized.

§  It was bought to the attention of the Gen Sec but it appeared it made no difference.

§  Both meeting was held in the SVGFF Building, LOC was on the 2nd Floor and the Tournaments Committee was held on the top floor.

§  The Gen Sec excuse was he had an emergency and could not attend the LOC Meeting.

§  The date for the LOC Meeting was set 2 weeks in advance.

§  However, he went to the Tournament Committeee meeting upstairs.

§  The Assistant Gen Sec was sent to the LOC Meeting and could not answer no question.

§  Was seen constantly playing games on the phone whilst meeting was conducting?

§  As a result, based on the disrespect of the Gen Sec not being in the meeting to answer the following questions below.

§  Police representative ask about their payment.

§  The LOC also wanted to know about their stipend that was promise to them.

§  The firm that the 3rd VP engaged with the cleaning of Arnos Vale wants to know about the payment.

§  Promise replicas still outstanding.

§  Non of those questions was answered.

Affiliates Disgruntled

The SVGFF can’t constantly, you know, push the patience of the affiliates and football    fans beyond breaking point, destabilize football in general by protecting a small minority of friends who have no use for football development.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion about where football should be and where it should have been under each executive body. If we pay too much attention to retreats and there is no success when comes to grassroot football we bound to fail as a footballing nation.  It’s going to be very hard for the next executive committee coming in 2023. The focus that remained with us for the last two and half years will remain for the next four if we don’t wise up before it’s too late.

I say this to say, that I’ve been asking very important questions:

With reference to monies spent on the home for football which the SVGFF paid $2.4 Million ec dollars ( How much was for a lot. Square foot or acre, who is the independent evaluator, how much was he/she paid, who was the lawyer involved with this transaction and how much was he/she paid? Who was the surveyor and how much was he/she paid?)

Fifa had sent the SVGFF monies to help clubs during the pandemic; each club/league was given a laptop. Who were the vendors involved and how much were they paid for the laptops?

I am again appealing to the SVGFF led by Mr. Carl Dickson to tell the nation and the affiliates the truth about the above questions. It has been almost seven plus months I have not gotten a reply.


This latest disrespect show their capability in explaining the conflict in SVG Football, between LOC and SVGFF. Even though in actual, the conflict lasted for a while, they might have reach resolution even earlier, if they could remove their ego and the President take control of the FRACTURED EXECUTIVE he is charge of or if it is he has handed over the duties and responsibilities to someone who the affiliates doesn’t recognized or even liked. Fortunately, their stubbornness of this three-man committee has softened after the head of the LOC actively got involved, simultaneously with severity of other member(s) of the LOC threat.

Dominique Stowe | Sports Administrator

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