Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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After a year or so of having the affairs of the sport planned for and managed by an interim executive, the Road Tennis fraternity is now officially the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Road Tennis Association and has elected its first executive.

Conrad Simon, who headed the Interim Executive, was officially elected president of the SVG Road Tennis Association at a meeting held on Thursday, May 12 at the National Sports Council’s Conference Room, Arnos Vale.

The others elected to serve for a term of four years were:  Lloyd Small – Vice President; Annette Joseph – Secretary; Winston Snagg – Treasurer; Roxanne Williams – Assistant Secretary/Treasurer; Sean Stanley – Public Relations Officer; Alonzo Jackson, Rafique Hadaway, and Romique Hooper – Committee Members.

Speaking to the VINCENTIAN after his election, Simon said, “It’s a privilege to serve in this capacity… my experience gives me an added advantage to drive the body to achieve their objectives.”

Simon brings to his new position several years of service on the executive of the SVG Basketball Federation.

“I have served on several positions on the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Basketball Federation and it will be a privilege and honour to share my experience with the Road Tennis Association,” he added.

As for the immediate tasks of his executive, Simon spoke of focusing on creating an awareness of the sport via print and social media, and to meet with representatives of the different Road Tennis playing communities. 

More advanced plans include:  energizing the sport in communities where the sport is played; establishing the sport in other communities; establishing the sport in schools, training for leading local players and coaches in Barbados – the birthplace of the sport.

Road Tennis has been played here since 2015, having been introduced through the efforts of Sean Stanley.  In fact, competitions were organized in that year as part of the Nine Mornings festival activities.

Since then, there has been Road Tennis activity in the communities of Chester, Villa, Arnos Vale, Layou, Petit Bordel and Bequia.

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