Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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The St. Martin’s Secondary School (SMSS) is now better placed to effect crucial teaching/learning outcomes pivotal to its students’ advancement; and to assist those students who have been experiencing extenuating, challenging circumstances occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2021 volcanic eruptions.

This announcement was made at a media conference held at the school last Tuesday, 17th May.  

School Principal, Mr. Yohance Gibson informed those gathered that the school had received generous donations from the St. Martin’s Past Students Association North America Chapter (SAMPASA NA).   These included a Risograph, crucial for the speedy duplication of documents especially for examinations; and funds to enable student support and a food programme. 

On supporting students, Principal Gibson explained, “It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic along with other extenuating circumstances have caused quite a bit of our student population to experience some hardships.  With that in mind, our school is trying to respond to the needs of our students by providing them with some sort of financial support and assistance, to enable them to get a good quality education, one that SMSS offers.”

Towards this end, discussions with SAMPASA NA bore fruit, the principal noted.

According to Principal Gibson, the first contribution from SAMPASA NA toward this effort was made early in October [2021] and was in an amount of $12,162.16 XCD.  This provided financial support for ten students, covering transportation, the payment of activity fees and support with food.  

Shortly after receipt of the first contribution, SAMPASA NA provided $8,014.60 XCD to assist with the school’s feeding programme.

Thereafter, when a request for assistance with a Risograph was made, it was met with a donation of $9,180.02 towards procurement of the equipment, Principal Gibson related.

And wih the SMSS now better equipped in this regard, Principal Gibson thank Curtis Greaves, Principal of the Emmanuel High School Mesopatamia for his invaluable assistance with duplicating exams and other documents.

Last Tuesday’s media conference was joined via live link-up by Mr. Ivan Morgan, President of SAMPASA NA, along with members: Olrick Hamlett, Michael Alexander, Natasha Providence, and Marcus Coombs.  

Morgan reaffirmed: “We have made a commitment to St. Martin’s Secondary School and to the students to try our very best to try to fulfill the needs as much as we possibly can and that is a commitment …. for the unforeseeable future.”  

When questioned about the means by which funds are secured, Mr. Morgan explained that each member of the seventy-member strong organization donate $120.00 a year.  This amount is supplemented by additional, “generous” contributions from members.

A number of fund-raising activities are staged throughout the year. Morgan highlighted the highly anticipated annual ‘Games Evening’ in this regard.

The President thanked the principal and staff for working with the organization and Principal Gibson affirmed this as an ongoing collaboration, promising that more interesting things are to come.  These, he said, will be dealt with as time goes on.

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