Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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The Junior Chamber International St Vincent (referred to as JCI or Jaycees) convened a one-day Mental Health Symposium on Friday 27th May 2022. While it was first recognized in 1949, it has never been more pertinent than now to recognize the role mental health plays in our overall well-being and the value in raising awareness and helping those in need of treatment.

The symposium brought together many young persons from St Vincent and the Grenadines for a day to practice exercises that would contribute to a healthy mental lifestyle.

The feature speaker for the event was Mrs Andrea Mohess-Gaymes; a Caribbean counselling psychologist based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and mainly operated at St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College and was the Clinical Director and CEO of Caribbean Health & Wellness Institute.

Other speakers included Ms. Julonna Peterson from the PERFECT Project and Ms. Ellica Matthews from the Mental Health Rehabilitation Center in Glen. Under the theme “Back to Basics”, the symposium was a nod to persons needing to internally reflect on the simple things that they can apply to their lives to achieve healthy mental practices.

The symposium also included activities such as Aromatherapy, Yoga Therapy, Henna. JCI St Vincent (Jaycees) is a Non-Governmental Organization located in Stoney Ground, Kingstown, and targets of young active citizens ages 18 to 40 who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their communities.

Active citizens are individuals invested in the future of the world. JCI gathers active citizens from all sectors of society. They develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions and act.

Persons interested in joining may email jcist.vincent@gmail.com or call 1-784-493-3055 or visit jcisvg.org.

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